I was born and raised in Keaukaha & Puna Strong

ʻOhana Discipline means the world to me, especially with my 2 children, which is the focus of my platform and everything I accomplish and strive to accomplish. I understand the challenges of parenting. 

I understand our children's future depends on our present actions.

1999 during my voyage Nuku Hiva, I realized & decided I needed to return back home Hilo. Upon my return and experiencing disparities with DHHL, SociaI & Economic Disparities, believe the power of prayer secured our place in Puna as we became residents of Orchidland Estates.  I have lived Puna Strong and Puna Weakness.

I have lived with abuse of land management, of our children,

and the quality of life promised to our children and all people of Hawaiʻi.

The only solution facing us is your vote November 3rd 2020 Elections. 

 Aloha Aina the People's Governance

La Familia Pitoy:

Emilio & Felicilda Pitoy

L-R Rosita, Josephine, Benjamin, David, Lourdes

Born Hilo raised in Pahoa Camp 2,

Attended Pahoa School,

Pahoa Sacred Hearts Catholic Church & Mission Hall

Antone - Haumea Ohana 

L-R: Desmon, Karla, Lourdes, Solomon

Solomon Makanui Haumea

dadʻs Parents:

Solomon Haumea & Helen Paielua

Tropical Plant