...based on success should

Moku o Puna select 

Haumea to Represent


We are all on the Ballot, a Vote for Haumea is a commitment to Improve our Quality of Life especially for our Children in Perpetuity, so get ready we all in on this Voyage to Wellness, the Power of 'Ohana...based on




November 4th, 2020 > January 4th, 2021

Launch Puna's Community Work Day Responsibility

"Kuleana Progress"

  • Kupuna Council

  •  Highly Respected Community Based Leaders​

*Born &  Raised Puna & Those I Trust​

  • Pahoa Main Street Association
  • Community Based Religious Leaders
  • Community Cultural Groups
  • Religious Area Administrators​ 



Launch Volunteer Action Committees

"Wahi Pana o Puna"

  • Community Based Homeowners Associations

Partnerships & Alliances & Transparency & Accountability

  • Law Enforcement Supplemental Support

*Guardian Angel Concept​

**Human Trafficking & Child Abductions & Sex Trade

***Drug & Alcohol & Domestic & Child Abuse

"Mauli'ola Health Initiatives"

"Voyage to Wellness"

Integrated Medical Campus 

C4Humanitarian Off-Grid Project

Chronic Care Treatment

Establish a Food Security & Food Sovereignty Co-Op

Multi-Generational & Homecare Tax-incentives

Agricultural Community Based Tax-incentives

Equality in Medical Care

Community Based Certified Kitchen *churches

Funding for Maku'u Le Marche

Prevent the Purchase & Consumption of the Government Food Surplus

Food Stamp/EBT Overhaul




Force USA SOH to adhere to the Legislative Intent of the Law

Nation <> Nation

'Oia'i'o <> Truth

Puna Wahi Pana

De-Centralizing Governmental Control

3 Tiered taxation system:​​ for Immediate Economic recovery

Tier #1: Reduced State & Federal Taxations 

example: 4-7% state tax reduced to 1% for state *general fund

3% for ALL residents of our Hawaii, multi-generational households,

Kupuna care & Child care

Tier #2: No Tax Incentives for all Developers utilizing

"affordable housing" tax-breaks, Puna does not need to pay for State of Hawaii bad business and corrupt relationships

PUNA will NOT provide for Rail System success.

Tier #3: No Tax-incentives for Foreign Investors to "pad" personal or corporate financial portfolios

Community Workday

Volunteer Action Committees

Law Enforcement Supplemental Support

  • Magnet Schools

**Multi-Ethnic Cultural and

Experience Based Education​

*Establish Moku o Puna as a Laboratory for Sustainability & Governance and shared with the Global Community. "Malama Honua"

...for more knowledge:

1.  Puna would be better served by a Chronic Care Center situated in Puna, and that a Continuing Education program be established to promote self-care and ohana care training, will act to establish a Health and Wellness Task Force to address the need for a Chronic Care Center and Continuing Education program in Puna. In addition build upon this and provide Puna with an Integrated Medical Campus

2.  Create an understanding and alliance with Shipman to provide an emergency route out/into Puna, to quell Agricultural theft, access to all Emergency responders and added safety precautions to all of Lower Puna.

3.  Empower Community Associations to Build Back Better to provide adequate service to community members. Establish a Water Rights Council and an Energy Efficient Project that does not rely on PUC and State governed projects.

4.  Essential projects & programs to safeguard our children from Child abductions, abuse, child slavery and personal financial gain. Provide quality after school opportunities for children in crisis and traumatized families. Create a Puʻuhonua -

a place of refuge and cultural treatment and healing for all families faced with these traumatic experiences. 

5.  A 3 tiered Taxation System that would provide added solutions to our Economic Recovery:

I.  Reduction of  taxations for Residents

eg: Multi-Family Households, Agricultural Community Based Food-Co-op,

focused on Local Grown Puna Agricultural Products, receiving property taxation incentives.

II.  No Tax Incentives for all Developments, especially targeted towards Out-of-State & Foreign Investors

                                III.   Increase and/or Cease & Desist all Foreign Investors that build personal or business related

financial portfolios based on land based equity. 

4.  De-Centralizing Governmental Control for Puna. "Build Back Better"

5.  Start-up Magnet Charter Schools, and requiring equal fairness for all DOE/BOE

based educational systems throughout the State of Hawaii.

6.  Re-Instatement/Re-convening the Nation of Hawaii, by adhering to

International Law that recently stated by the

United States of America Department of Defense, filed and validated August 19, 2020 that Nation of Hawaii is

ILLEGALLY Occupied...the proof/evidence is clear:

Tropical Plant