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...as we gaze upon our beaten path we are now facing future, Aloha Aina Aloha, the Power of One is UNDENIABLE!


...we need to build upon existing land-based popular education programs in the Hawaiian Islands (particularly dramatic historical re-enactments) in order to promote "ancestral literacy" and raise Hawaiian national consciousness toward a revival of Hawaiian internationalism. The question asked in this process was, Can popular education help Hawaiians revive their national identity and nurture international relationships toward a progressive and culturally grounded global future post-occupation?

Under occupation and faux-colonial systems since the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1893, the relationships and sense of accountability among the community and the land was changed. So when we speak of aloha aina (patriotism; love for the land) in this historical context, we are speaking directly to this issue of

breaking up land and people.
Aina is that which feeds us. It is not merely "land," but all that feeds a person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It spans the entire geographic planet and into the cosmos, this understanding of both celestial and maritime movements was necessary for Polynesians to first navigate to the Hawaiian Islands

and establish a flourishing society...
Aloha Aina